Finley Group advises underperforming companies beginning to experience earnings erosion and strains on working capital.  These services often include cash flow management, creditor forbearance negotiations, debt repayment plans, non-core asset divestitures, cost rationalization, and capital structure analysis.  We interpret our findings quickly and present a clear set of objectives, create actionable plans, and most importantly, we can assist your management team with delivering profitable results.


It is hard to disagree that today’s global business environment continues to bring additional competition into the local marketplace on a daily basis, adding increased pressure on profits and cash flow.  Volatile credit markets with no relief in sight and financial institutions dealing with their own capital issues continue to limit credit availability to organizations experiencing financial stress.  These issues, among others, are forcing companies to de-lever their capital structure, improve operations, rethink their business model, shed non-core assets and find alternative methods to generate working capital liquidity.  These external influences, together with normal business cycle trends and technological advancements, will cause more companies to experience operational and financial stress that will require third party assistance.

FINLEY makes the difference

The advisors you choose to assist your team is vital.  Finley Group professionals bring valuable advice, industry recognized certifications, and best practices into every situation across many industries and for over 30 years.

Our professionals have held senior operational and financial roles in addition to working as trusted advisors and understand the levels to navigate underperforming businesses.  Our professionals can help you define clear objectives, create actionable plans and deliver results. 

Scope of Services

Business Assessment

  • Strategic Review
  • Management Team Assessment
  • Business Plan Formation
  • Competitive Analysis

Cash Management / Cash Forecasting

  • 13 Week Cash Flow
  • Working Capital Management

Corporate Level Interim Management

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Restructuring Officer
  • President
  • Advisory Board or Director

Enterprise Value Enhancement

  • Revenue Growth
  • Margin Initiatives
  • Cost Rationalization
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Distribution Channel Rationalization

Restructuring Initiatives

  • Creditor / Vendor Management
  • Non-Core Asset Rationalization
  • Contingency / Succession Planning
  • Improved Financial Reporting
  • Capital Structure Analysis